Master: P 935.00
Slave: P 895.00

Note:Prices subject to change without prior notice

Bluetooth Shield Documents
(Slave & Master)

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Last Update: 
October 7,2015

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Bluetooth Shield
(Slave || Master)

Employing our latest EGBT-04 series low cost bluetooth module, the Bluetooth shield is likewise available in two low cost versions: Slave only functions and Master and Slave functions. Class 2 Bluetooth shield with SPP profile functioning as UART port wireless cable replacement.


• EGBT-04MS Bluetooth module
   (for Master)
   EGBT-04S Bluetooth module
   (for Slave)
• Extension port of the on-board
   Bluetooth module for future
• External power supply (8-12V)
• Arduino Default power input
• Mode Switch Master or Slave
   (for Master only)

Power Input: 
External: 8-12V
Microcontroller Default : 5V

Interface : 
Module Interface for future use