ATmega328/328P version:
P 662.00
ATmega168/168P Version:
P 610.00

Note: Prices subject to change without prior notice

gizDuino: Arduino Compatible Kit

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Last Update: 
July 7, 2014

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gizDuino Version 4.1

It is an open source computing platform based on a simple input/output (I/O)board and the use of standard programming language; in otherwords, it is a tool for implementing a program you have designed. Gizduino is programmed using the IDE (Integrated Development Environment). With Serial RX-TX disable switch. Atmega168P and 328P ICs are low power but its also the same functions of ATmega168/328 IC.





Power Input: 
External:8V-12V USB:5V

Microcontroller : 
ATmega 168/168P or
ATmega 328/328P
Debubger Port: 
I/O port: 
20 I/Os
(14 Digital I/O & 6 Analog In
DC Power Outouyt: 
On-board Crystal: 
16MHz and 12MHz

PCB Dimensions: 

2.7 x 2.1 inch