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RFID Card Reader
Hardware Manual

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Last Update: 
December 9, 2013

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RFID Card Reader

Can be programmed to recognize up to 16 RFID cards. Easy to integrate with any system. A valid RFID card will assert an output together with a 4 bit data corresponding to the card program number. Optional RS232 can transfer read card data to an external host controller  and will allow recognition of unlimited number of cards


• Highly insensitive to card
   position orientation.
• Passive-tag RF I.D. card
• Ease of card reading through
   distant detection.
•Detects and discerns between
   registered and unregistered
• Internal memory can register
   up to 16 RF I.D. cards.
• Erases specific address of
   registered RF I.D. cards.

Operating Voltage: 
8 to 15 V, 9 V (Standard Voltage)

Signal Encoding : 
Manchester Encoding
Address Bit Amount: 
4 bits
Maximum Cards Registered: 
16(from internal memory alone) 
PCB Dimensions: 
7.6 x 7.6 cm
Antenna Area: 
~94.5 cm2 (Approximately) 
Radio Frequency: 
RFID Card Type: