Last Update: May 26,2016
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e-Bot (Maze)

e-Gizmo e-Bot Mazebot equipped with ultrasonic sonar for more accurate obstacle detection function.


e-Bot (Soccer)

e-Gizmo e-Bot Soccerbot equipped with soccer gears! add bluetooth capability or other wireless peripheral like UHF and fight like a soccer pro league does!


e-Bot (Sumo)

e-Gizmo e-Bot equipped with sumo wrestling battling peripherals.


e-Bot (Standard)

e-Gizmo e-Bot Standard with compatible P-BOT Board and gizDuino 168 microcontroller for basic entry level robot functions.


e-Bot (Gripper)

e-Gizmo e-Bot with front gripper for easy pick and place action.


e-Bot (with E-GRA)

e-Gizmo e-Bot 4x4 entry level mobile robot fused with mini robotic arm our very own E-GRA. Roving and Pick n' Place functions made more easier.


e-Bot (Chassis)

4x4 entry level robotic chassis, perfect for line tracing, obstacle detection and any peripheral you can add to your project!



E-ARM (e-Gizmo Robotic Arm) is An Entry Level Robotic Arm

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Stair Climbing Robot Chassis

Chassis made for stair climbing applications.
100% acrylic body.
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Single-Axis and Double-Axis Wheels available

• 6V DC motor • 74mm diameter wheel size • Complete chassis
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Gripper kit

Gripper kit with complte srews, nuts & servo motor

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EGRA (e-Gizmo Robotic Arm) is An Entry Level Robotic Arm

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P-BOT Junior

Our new e-Gizmo PBOT jr. is a low cost mobile robot.
Made and Designed by e-Gizmo Mechatronix Central.


P-BOT 2 Mobile Robot Kit

Two motor 2-wheel drive Mobile Robot Kit with on-board 3Ch collision sensor and 3Ch line sensor. Compatible with e-Gizmo Arduino, Z8!duino and Pinguino clones.


Minibot (Entry Level Mini Mobile Robot Kit)

Compact Mobile Robot with High speed DC motors, 3 Channel Line Tracking Sensor, and Ranging or Proximity Sensors to choose as collision sensor.


Mini Conveyor

Mini Conveyor Single to Double are available.


GTANK (Gizmo Tank Prototyping Chassis)

Heavy Duty chassis that based on tank.