Last Update: May 26,2016


SIM800 GSM/GPRS Development kit

e-Gizmo SIM800 GSM/GPRS Dev kit is a quad-band GSM/GPRS module designed with power saving technique so that the current consumption is as low as 0.7mA in sleep mode. In application, controlling device controls via its GSM engine by sending AT commands via its serial interface.


Temperature Unit Display

e-Gizmo Temperature Control Unit Display is made for easy and fast measurement circuit temperature sensor, whose output voltage is linearly proportional to the Fahrenheit on it LM34 IC sensor. UART control (TTL level). Arduino Compatible


GizDuino PLUS Atmega644P

e-Gizmo GizDuino PLUS with Atmega644P v4.0 with free case, 64KB Flash Memory, 32 Digital I/O's (8 Analog Inputs), 2 serial communication. Arduino Compatible.


mini Microstep Driver

e-Gizmo Microstep Driver


2-Channel Tiny Motor Driver

e-Gizmo 2-Channel Tiny Motor Driver


LCD and Keypad Shield

e-Gizmo LCD and Keypad Shield is a simple board that you can directly attached it on your favorite gizDuino MCU boards. Without manual wiring connection on your breadboard.


Serial LCD II with Keypad Function

e-Gizmo Serial LCD II with Keypad Function is a general purpose display and inputs. It is designed interface to Serial LCD II rev2 with built-in microcontroller applications. A friendly-user display messages and data through its compact LCD 4x20 character display and get alphanumeric input by pressing the keypads. Compatible in all gizDuino board interface.


W5500 TCP/IP Ethernet Module

e-Gizmo W5500 TCP/IP Ethernet Module is based on Wznet iEthernet chip. A simple module that you can access to LAN or WLAN wired network using your favorite MCU Arduino/gizDuino. Can be use as server on your home for wired or wireless connection to control your appliances or other devices


Load cell Display Unit

e-Gizmo Load cell Display Unit LDU is a general purpose load cell amplifier used mainly in electronic weighing applications. It works with strain gauge type load cells of various load capacities. An LDU + load cell system will make a stand alone electronic weighing scale unit. UART connectivity enables you to use all available features remote commands for automated weighing system easy.


Universal Wireless Controller

Using PS2 Controller

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gizDuino 5

e-Gizmo gizDuino 5 ATmega328P with free case, 32KB Flash Memory, 20 Digital I/Os (6 Analog Inputs), 1 serial communication. Arduino Uno Compatible.

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Auto Night Switch

e-Gizmo Auto Night Switch is an automatic night light no need manual opration for switching ON and OFF a light.


Graphic LCD I/F

e-Gizmo Graphic LCD I/F is a film super-twisted nematic display (FSTN),a type of monochrome LCD passive matrix liquid crsytal display. SPI interface communication. Compatible in all gizDuino Boards.


UHF STD Data Transceiver

UHF STD is a transparent wireless UART tranceiver with 100mW RF output. This RF power allows a useful control range of more than 500m (unobstructed line of sight LOS range can reach 700m).


ACS7x Current sensor breakoutboard

e-Gizmo ACS71x Current sensor is a Hall effect-based linear current sensor the on-board IC from Allegro with current fault ouput. Solutions for AC or DC current sensing in less than 100V. Typical applications include circuit protection current monitoring and motor and inverter control.


Servo Soft Start

e-Gizmo Servo Soft Start, for soft start of servo motors and limits the current input.


ESP-11 (ESP8266) WiFi Shield

e-Gizmo ESP-11 Shield the is made to easily use the ESP8266 wifi module interface with Arduino/Gizduino Microcontroller boards.


SPDT 12V Single Relay

Has built-in driver that will allow microcontrollers and logic devices to operate on relays without the need for additional circuit elements.


Multi-voltage level converter

e-Gizmo LSF0204D Multi-Voltage level converter breakoutboard it can translate up to 4 signals; Maintain Bidirectional Voltage . Interfacs SPI,MDIO,SMBus,PMBus,I2C,UART,SVID


Compact Proximity

Detects objects as far as 72mm (2.8 inches) from the sensor face. Infrared beam makes it relatively insensitive to ambient light and color (of target object). Applications includes non contact object detection and collision sensor for mobile robots.


GY-31 TCS3200 Color sensor module

TCS3200 Color Sensor Module a programmable Color full-scale light-to-Frequency Converter, communicates precisely with a microcontroller. gizDuino and Arduino Compatible.


GY-271 3-Axis Digital Compass

I2C Digital Interface with Fast Maximum Output rate, Low Voltage Operation and Low Power Consumption. Sensor can be used in strong magnetic field environments with a 1 degree to 2 degrees Compass Heading Accuracy.


MPU6050 Acclerometer + GYRO

The triple-axis MEMs gyroscope in the MPU6050 integrated 6-axis Motion Tracking device with the combination of 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis accelerometer and a Digital Motion Processer. Chips can also be used individually by the use of I2C interface.


ESP-11 (ESP8266 Module)

ESP8266 is a complete Wi-Fi network where you can easily connect as a serving Wi-Fi adapter, wireless internet access interface to any microcontroller-based design on its simple connectivity through Serial communication or UART interface.


TEA5767 FM Radio Receiver Module

TEA5767 is electronically tuned FM stereo radio for low-volatge application with fully iintegrated IF selectivity and demoluation. Adjustment-free. Compatible in all gizduino boards..


UHF-EX Data Transceiver

UHF-EX is a transparent wireless UART tranceiver with 100mW RF output. This RF power allows a useful control range of more than 500m (unobstructed line of sight LOS range can reach 700m).


32-Bit MCU Mini Board
32-bit MCU Mini Board (AT32UC3C2128/64)
When 8-bit processing just isn't enough. For power MCU users.

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Hybrid Driver Rev 2r0 for DC Motors

Combination of Electromechanical Relay and Fault tolerant MOSFET switch makes this a durable drive for DC motors. Fault tolerance is central to this device, hence, all control inputs as optoisolated, Power and Motor terminals are fitted with user serviceable fuse. PWM and Forward/Reverse input function. Available in 12V and 24V 6amp versions.


Stand-alone RFID Card Reader

Our new e-Gizmo RFID Card Reader with build-in MCU ATmega168 with 16kB Flash memory that can Stored up to 100 RFID cards with 7-bit address for assigned number to the users. Additional features on-board with Easy "Enroll & Delete" switch with commands, "Execute" push button, "Serial Connection" for monitoring, LED indicators, and Output connection for (ON/OFF ) other devices.


Gauge Pressure sensor

Our new Gauge Pressure sensor breakout board featuring Small size and Low Power Consumption with 0 to 37 kPa Pressure range.
Application examples for leak detection, pressure controller, level indicator
- Can be interface with e-Gizmo Sensor Amplifier.


Water Level Sensor

The new water level indicator with sturdy stainless steel probe also for detecting the level of water. With its simple 3-LED status indicator, and gives out a digital output. Compatible in all gizDuino boards. Input supply +5VDC.


gizDuino Starter kit

Our new e-Gizmo gizDuino Starter Kit w/ solderless breadboard (ZY-60) and Gizduino + 164/324/644 to choose from. It has a microcontroller board based on the Arduino boards. Manuals and Materials list are included on the Supporting Documents.


Battery Charger kit

Our new e-Gizmo Battery kit is for Ni-MH (Nickel-Metal Hydride) Rechargeable battery cell ONLY. Use this for charging your battery in just a minutes. On its pre-settable number of battery cells and current setting. It displays the charged voltage of your rechargeable battery to monitor the voltage is up.



EGRA (e-Gizmo Robotic Arm) is An Entry Level Robotic Arm

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SHTx Humidity and Temperature sensor

Our new e-Gizmo SHTx Humidity & Temperature sensor Precision Relative Humidity and Temperature. Compatible with gizDuino & Arduino, and with any 5V logic microcontroller with I2C interface.


Light & Dark Sensor

e-Gizmo Light & Dark sensor a simple sensor with 2 functions in 1 board. With analog output pin connection to measured and DPDT switch for light and dark sensed selection modes. Adds-on to your project for automatic light on/off with your favorite gizDuino MCU boards or any other MCUs..


Ex2 12V Relay Card

e-Gizmo Ex2 12V Relay Card an Automotive Relay Ex2 Series that Life's long in 1 x10 ^6 Mechanical Operations.


MQ-x Gas Sensor kit

e-Gizmo MQ-x Gas Sensor kit can be replace MQ-2, MQ-5 with low, medium, high indicator status. With analog output pin connections and adjustable potentiometert for sesitivity or calibration.


Heart Rate Monitor kit

e-Gizmo Heart Rate Monitor kit is a simple pulse sensor to your finger tip and ready to read your heart rate. A very useful design for studying your activity and monitoring your heart beat to have a live heart-rate data like medical equipment for your project.


Soil Moisture sensor

e-Gizmo Soil moisture sensor with sturdy stainless steel probe for measuring the amount of water in the soil. It has a presettable one bit digital output -for simple and quick application that only need a wet or dry binary equivalent sensing, and an analog output that gives out an analog voltage corresponding to a measured (uncalibrated) moisture content. Compatible with your gizDuino, Arduino, any MCU in general.


Gizduino IOT-644

gizDuino Internet-Of-Things (IOT)-644 an Arduino Compatible platform with on-board 100MBps Ethernet for your IOT project. Double memory capacity ATMEGA644 + Wiznet W5500 + uSD Card Reader + Standard Shield Socket


Sensor Amplifier kit

e-Gizmo Sensor Amplifier or so called Instrumentation amplifier is a type of differential amplifier because of its great accuracy and stability output for the sensor. It is an amplifier that particularly use in measurement and test equipments. It acts as a bridge sensor form the board to the sensor kit. Sample Application is Load cell (Download the Supporting documents to see.)


Metal Detector kit
Pulse Induction PI detection method

e-Gizmo Metal Detector kit can detect metallic object as small as 2x2mm (tested object - srew) located about 2 cm above the plane and center of the sensing coil. Larger objects can be sensed at a longer distance.

Note: Polarity output may be used to distinguish if the detected metal has paramagnetic or diamagnetic properties (e.g Iron and Aluminium). This function is not 100% reliable but can be useful in many cases.


Manual for gizDuino & Trainer board

The complete User's Manual Guide to make your MCU learning experience more fun and enjoyable.On how to use the gizDuino boards, Arduino programming, and the e-Gizmo Universal MCU trainer board. There are many sample codes here and challenging activity/exercises that you can easily understand.


PBOT Junior Rev 1R0

e-Gizmo P-BOT Junior Rev 1R0 version a type of mobile robot that is so affordable price. It was developed to be more lightweight and easy to use. It is adapted to the version of PBOT1r0&2r0. This board is an all in one Mobile Robot board wiith on board IC ATmega168 MCU (16kB flash memory) and A3966 dual full-bridge PWM Motor driver. Directly upload using the USB cable from Computer to the PBOTjr board.


Power Analyzer 2

New and improved Power Analyzer Kit that can be interfaced with any USART equipped microcontroller or PC. It can be easily configured as a stand alone power measuring equipment when used with a Serial LCD II kit.


4x2 LED Display Module

Our new e-Gizmo 4x2 LED Display Module a 3-in-1 LED Display, timer and counter. A stand alone module it easy to use for numerical display. With switch buttons, Serial functions connections. It has 4 different function modes for counter and a simple countdown timer.