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May 26,2016

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e-Bot (Maze)

e-Gizmo e-Bot Mazebot equipped with ultrasonic sonar for more accurate obstacle detection function.

Proudly Made and Designed by e-Gizmo Mechatronix Central

• 4pcs 6V DC Motor (4-wheels)
• 3 Proximity Sensors     (Left,Right,Center)
• 3 Ch line tracker sensor array
• 9V operating batteries     (Rechargable)
• With Ultra sonic sensor for long
   detection function.
• Programmable microcontroller

Power Source: 
2x 3.6V 600mAH NiMH Rechargeable Battery

On Board Peripherals :
2-Ch DC Motor Driver - 16V 1.5A
3-Ch IR Collision Sensor - 20 cm detection range
3-Ch IR Line Sensor -CNY70 sensor, 10mm range
1pc - US-100 Distance sensor,3 meters range

Slow charge battery charger circuit

Motor :
4 6V DC motor