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Ethernet Shield
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October 7,2015

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ENC28J60 Ethernet Module (Shield)
With microSD card socket

ENC28J60 based ethernet interface module in gizDuino (Arduino Compatible) pin layout. It can be used just as easily with other MCU host controllers. Allows your gizDuino or MCU circuit to connect to your intranet and internet network. gizDuino users can easily build internet enabled projects and applications running codes built around the Arduino ENC28J60 libraries. A microSD card socket interface is included should you find a need for a large data storage space.


• ENC28J60 Ethernet to
   SPI bridge
• Ready to use as gizDuino /
   Arduino Shield
• Easily adaptable for use with
   other host controllers.
• MicroSD card socket for storage
   and retrieval of large volume
• On board 3.3V voltage regulator

Power Input: 

Ethernet Speed: 
10MBps, RJ45 Port

I/O Interface to Host MCU: 

On Board Peripherals: 
MicroSD card socket
Push button reset switch

PCB Board Dimensions: 
54W X 64l mm