ATmega 164 Version: P 702.00
ATmega 324 Version: P 735.00
ATmega 644 Version: P 760.00

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gizDuino+ Series
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gizDuino +
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Last Update: 
January 8, 2014

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gizDuino + v3.0
ATmega164 / ATmega324 / ATmega644

gizDuino+ series are Arduino™ IDE compatible and Sanguino inspired boards that features more I/O - 12 additional I/Os, over the standard gizDuino* we are already accustomed with. Using a more feature rich picoPowerAVR chip ATMEGA644P/324P/164P, you are now afforded with an additional hardware UART port (Serial1), and one more SPI channel, all of which are configurable as general purpose digital I/O.

*gizDuino is a hardware platform compatible with Arduino™.

• Arduino software compatible
• 32 I/Os (12 more I/Os
   compared to gizDuino)
• Three variants to choose from:
   -ATMEGA644P 64K Program
   -ATMEGA324P 32K Program
   -ATMEGA164P 16K Program

• With Serial TX-RX disable switch.

Power Input:
4.5V-5.5V, 5.0V Nominal

Clock Frequency:
16MHz (ATMEGA 164,324,644)

Programming Ports:
Arduino & ICSP

Board Dimension:
73.5mm L x 53mm W