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16 Channel Servo Driver
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16 Channel Servo Driver
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October 7,2015

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16 Channel Servo Driver

Independent control of up to 16 RC servo motor in a single board. 1uS pulse width resolution. Serial TTL level UART I/O port interfaces easily with most microcontrollers, including gizDuino (Arduino Compatible Board). Easy to use command set.


• 16 independent PWM servo     control output
• 500-2500uS Pulse Width,1uS     timing resolution
• 48-50Hz refresh rate
• Serial (UART) communications
• User configurable baud rate
• Addressable, up to 4 boards     (4x16 servos) can be controlled     using a single UART port

Power Input: 

3.3V Output : 
50mA Maximum
Interface Signals: 
3.3v/5V TTL Compatible UART
Baud Rates: 
9600bps (default), 19200, 115200bps 
PCB Dimensions: 
54W x 53.5H mm