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Are you new to robotics and microcontrollers? Want to learn programming and basic robotics interfacing?

This Starter Kit is the most suitable for you! it contains the most basic learning materials for microcontroller programming and interfacing.

The package contains the following parts:

8pcs - 560 ohms resistors  1/4w
8pcs - RED 5mm LED
1pc - 10K potentiometer
1pc - 3 pins connector
4pcs - 2pins connector
8pcs - GREEN 5mm LED
1pc - CLEAR 5mm LED
1pc - 1N4002 DIODE
3pcs - 10K ohms resistor 1/4w
1pc - 2.2k ohms resistor
1pc - LDR 2pins
1pc - Dc motor
20pcs - Connecting wires
1pc - LM35 Temperature sensor
2pcs - Button Switch
1pc - relay 5V Ea2-4.5NU
1pc - gizDuino + ATmega644P
1pc - Solderless breadboard (ZY-60)
1pc - SG-90 Servo motor
1pc - transistor MPS2222A
1pc - 72LS595 Shift Register IC
1pc - 3pins connector
1pc - +5v Buzzer
1pc - 2x16 LCD

Hardware Manual
Sample Arduino/gizDuino Sketches (with Hardware Illustration)
List Of Materials

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gizDuino + 644 Starter Kit with 2x16 LCD

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